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Candleholder with Armenian Cross-stone Pattern

Candleholder with Armenian Cross-stone Pattern

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The incorporation of traditional Armenian cross-stone carvings into the design of this candleholder is a wonderful way to pay homage to the cultural and artistic heritage of Armenia.

These candleholders were designed, individually cast, hand painted, and hand finished in our studio consistent with the enduring craftsmanship and skilled labor of carvers of the ancient cross stones of Armenia. We hope that this candle holder will be appreciated and cherished by those who appreciate fine art and craftsmanship and value preserving traditional art forms.

A standard 7/8" dripless candle is to be used for the candle holders.  

Included in the price is a beautiful gift box.  

For more information about cross stones please visit this page


Size: 3" x 3"x 2.5"
Material: Painted Gypsum - Gold and black
Weight: 8 oz
Fits 7/8 inch candles

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